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Choose Wisely Who Influences You

I remember the first time I ran into the word, “Influencers.” Something about it provoked a reaction of distaste, this idea that some complete stranger expected to  shape the minds, beliefs, development, and character of others simply because they spoke … Continue reading

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Mind Control: The More You Read and Question, the Less It Happens

It’s easier to sit through a mindless movie than slog through a bad book. After all, most movies and TV shows demand little active brain involvement, so it’s possible (desirable, actually, from the perspective of the Media Myth Makers) to … Continue reading

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Illiterate American Christianity

There is a religious ditty that, once you hear it, sticks in your mind forever: Read your Bible pray every day, pray every day, pray every day Read your Bible pray every day And you’ll grow, grow, grow. And, because people … Continue reading

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Young Children: Homeschooling Them is FUN

Last week we talked about Homeschooling Young Children, and this week, we’re going to bullet point some easy, fun, doable learning ideas that you can incorporate into your schooling day, and indeed, make part of your schooling experience. Plan a special … Continue reading

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Please Stop Educating Me — I Want to Learn Something

I am one of the 1 percent. Nah, I’m not talking money; when it comes to that I’m in another 1 percent, you know, the ones who re-use plastic grocery bags as spontaneous suitcases for overnight trips. No, I am … Continue reading

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