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Church Christianity: Teaching Two Things That Can’t Be Simultaneously True

For years I struggled to believe two opposite statements that cannot possibly be true at the same time. But because they are standard teaching in evangelical church Christianity, and since for too long I believed that these statements reflect what … Continue reading

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When Bad Things Happen, It’s Not Because We’re Bad

Too many Christians believe that they are unsatisfactory to God, and His primary purpose is to punish them for wrongdoing — in order to make them “better.” Why kind of father thinks like this? Continue reading

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Autumn Dance: The Story of This Painting

Autumn Dance: The Story of this Painting by Steve Henderson at Start Your Week with Steve — Autumn is a season of transition, and one of its best aspects is also its worst: one day, it can be bone-chilling cold, … Continue reading

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The Artificial God

In one of those genie-in-a-bottle stories, a poor man wishes for a million dollars, and he really should have been suspicious when the genie acceded so, shall I say, genially? to his request. Sure enough, the hapless hero receives one … Continue reading

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Seriously — Is My Health Insurance Company Really My Family?

One of the most memorable offerings that I received this Valentine’s Day was a gigantic red and white card, teeming with colossal, poofy, happy hearts and a warm, loving message signed, “Your Extended Family.” My health care plan. Also known … Continue reading

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