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Why Your Life on This Planet Means Something

All human beings like to feel that we have a reason for existing. It’s not narcissistic: created in the image of a creative God, we have it in us — in our genes, in our DNA, in our soul, in our … Continue reading

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Why It Feels So Good to Be Wrong

Anybody remember 2012? I know, it seems so three years ago, but at one time 2012 was all the rage because the world was supposed to end sometime that year — whether it was the sun blowing up or the … Continue reading

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Oops! Did God Forget You?

This is not something you want to happen to you. It’s 10 p.m. You’re tired. You snuggy up in the bed with your Kindle, the atrociously unpleasant cat, and the Norwegian Artist (well, actually, I snuggy up to the Norwegian; you’ve got … Continue reading

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You Can Be Successful without Owning Goats

When I was a kid, all successful people went to college, because if you didn’t, you weren’t a success. Whatever a success is. I think it means that you bring home a chunky paycheck, replace your car every three years, … Continue reading

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