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Wearing Masks — What Happens When We Do This?

Masks come in all forms. Some, like Halloween masks, conceal the entire face. A domino goes over the eyes. A surgical mask blocks the nose and mouth. Regardless of what type of masks they are, they all do the same … Continue reading

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We’re Not Turning into Zombies, Are We?

One of the most important aspects of being human is acting humane to one another — treating our brothers and sisters on the planet like people, not zombies. Continue reading

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That Incredible Thing You Do (and Make)

When is the last time you made something with your hands? Better yet, when is the last time you valued something that you made with your hands? We live in a world of mass production, of products churned out on … Continue reading

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The Common Cold and Common Sense

Well, guess who’s feeling yucky these days. There’s me, for one (and yes, you are right; that is written in a grammatically incorrect fashion, which just goes to show how yucky I’m feeling). And Tired of Being Youngest, who did … Continue reading

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