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When Is the Last Time You Were You?

What we see on TV and movies isn’t real, but that doesn’t stop us from imitating imaginary people. And that means we never grow into who we actually are. Continue reading

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We’re Not Turning into Zombies, Are We?

One of the most important aspects of being human is acting humane to one another — treating our brothers and sisters on the planet like people, not zombies. Continue reading

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Choose Wisely Who Influences You

I remember the first time I ran into the word, “Influencers.” Something about it provoked a reaction of distaste, this idea that some complete stranger expected to¬† shape the minds, beliefs, development, and character of others simply because they spoke … Continue reading

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Attack and Kill-Style Christianity

No matter how much TV we watch, Facebook we follow, or YouTubes of inane music videos we ingest — in other words, no matter what our level of apathy and willingness to allow others to control our minds — we … Continue reading

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Speaking up for Truth — Even at Church

We humans are funny creatures: we extol how unique and individual we are, and yet we like to belong to groups. The two can go together, sort of, but the larger the group, the more the pressure on the person … Continue reading

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