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Quiet People Have a Lot to Say

Just because you’re quiet doesn’t mean that you don’t have much to say. The noisy people won’t hear, generally because they’re not listening. Continue reading

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People Who Can’t Say “Please” and “Thank You” Have a Problem

The words “please” and “thank you” are great equalizers. When we use them, we’re saying to another person, “I am asking you to do something as a favor to me, and I am grateful for your willingness to do it.” … Continue reading

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Tired of the Command to Repent?

REPENT! It is the battle cry of ┬ámelodramatic 19th and early 20th century evangelists, whose favorite image was that of the lowly sinner dangled over the flames of hell, toes toasted crusty as a reward for the hardness of his … Continue reading

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How to Recognize a False Prophet

“Many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.” (Matthew 24:11) Recently I ran across a blog from a mega-pastor who was refuting the teachings of another mega-pastor. Mega-Pastor B, the apostate, had some decent things to say about grace, … Continue reading

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Mr. Smith Stays out of Washington

Tired-of-Being-Youngest is attending culinary school, which I assure you is just as delicious as it sounds. I can’t wait until spring quarter, when she studies Baking and Pastries, and am sure that I will work off all of her homework … Continue reading

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