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Housewives, Unemployed, and Other Invisible People

We live in a society that validates — or condemns — people based upon the title of their occupation, and how much they make doing it. To this end, we are conditioned to see people like doctors, lawyers, priests, U.S. … Continue reading

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The Freedom to Celebrate — Or Not Bother With — Easter

Freedom is one of those words we wax eloquent about, whether we’re singing a patriotic hymn or weeping through a religious event at a football stadium, but when it comes to actually experiencing it, or demanding the reality of what freedom promises, … Continue reading

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Is Christianity a Series of Laws?

In a recent conversation with a five-year-old, it came out that using a pen, in kindergarten, is a prohibited activity. Violation of this particular law results in the punishment of putting one’s head down on the desk. What strikes me most … Continue reading

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The Many Little Rules of Mini Little Minds

But it was not my obnoxious nature that got me banned the other day from my little little hometown’s little little library.

(By the way, I’m not sure if I’m being too subtle here, but in employing the word “little,” I’m not referring to population or size.)

Continue reading

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How to Write a Resume, Part I

Your purpose in writing the resume is not to get an A out of Mrs. Polansky’s class but to stand out in the stack — so rules are soft, but the primary unbreakable one is to make sure that everything you do contributes to your resume being easy to read and understand. Continue reading

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