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A Woman’s Role in Church — What Is It, Anyway?

Relationships between men and women spark conversation and controversy, and if you want to get a good argument started, ask the question, “What is the woman’s role in church?” Not surprisingly, many men and women, especially those of the evangelical … Continue reading

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In 32 Seconds Your Life Can Change

Multi-tasking isn’t such a big deal. Women have been doing it since Eve. American women have finessed it to an art form. American women with children have attained the pinnacle of its supremacy. Most of this multi-tasking is mental, in … Continue reading

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Please Stop Educating Me — I Want to Learn Something

I am one of the 1 percent. Nah, I’m not talking money; when it comes to that I’m in another 1 percent, you know, the ones who re-use plastic grocery bags as spontaneous suitcases for overnight trips. No, I am … Continue reading

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The Rise of the Feminist Revolution and the Fall of Old Fashioned Courtesy

In protesting the offense of men opening doors for women, is the solution for nobody to open doors for anybody? Continue reading

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Men Are from Mars; Women Are from Earth

The only good thing about the situation is that Tired of Being Youngest, who hyperventilates when the needle drops off of the F, is not behind us, rapidly losing her self control. But come to think of it, maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad thing, since she could burst out with all the things that I am too wise to express aloud myself.

Continue reading

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